3 Things We Do Not Do, and 6 Things We Do

How does Solomon Energy help its clients lower their utility bills?

Sometimes it’s easier to explain what we don’t do. Then our clients can better understand what we do


What We Do Not Do


We do not sell anything.

  • We are not solar contractors or equipment vendors. Or LED installers. Or an HVAC service company.
  • We will help you find the best contractors and vendors.
  • And then you will work as your agent to negotiate a project that will deliver results.


We will not charge you when your work is done.

  • The only exception is when you ask us to provide consulting services (for example, where you have received bids from contractors and need help evaluating them).
  • Otherwise, we will invest our time to help you find a solution. If we believe you can save money from solar or other technologies we will recommend a strategy.
  • AOnly if a project is built will we be paid.


We will not blow smoke.

  • We won’t exaggerate the financial or environmental benefits of solar and other technologies.
  • We will honestly evaluate potential savings from future utility price increases.
  • But we know that energy prices are volatile and utility prices could go down. We will not tell you that savings are certain. Our crystal bowl is broken. Nobody can foresee the future and utility prices could go down in the future.



What We Do


We analyze your electricity and fuel consumption.

  • We explore whether you can lower your operating costs from solar and other technologies.
  • If we find a potential solution we make our recommendation and you decide whether to proceed.
  • If something doesn’t work for you – e.g., solar – we will tell you.


We find you the contractors and vendors.

  • We know the companies with the ability and experience to deliver quality and timely results.
  • For most municipalities we conduct a formal RFP process on their behalf, soliciting bids from dozens of potential vendors.
  • For others we may solicit a handful of bids from contractors we know have the ability to meet your needs.


We help you evaluate bids.

  • Once the bids arrive the hard work begins: Comparing proposals requires clarifying dozens of important factors and preparing an apples-to-apples analysis that helps you make a decision.
  • We go back to contractors to clarify, confirm and refine the details of their bids.


We help you negotiate.

  • The devil is in the details! We apply our experience with hundreds of projects to negotiate your contracts and provide you with the maximum protection.


We keep an eye on your project.

  • After all, unless the project is completed you don’t achieve your objectives and we don’t get paid!


We help you with your “dirty energy” needs.

  • Solar and other technologies will not eliminate your utility bills altogether. We help our clients take advantage of market conditions to secure the balance of their electricity and fuel supply.
  • As with solar and other technologies we will conduct a mini-auction to find you the best supply prices for the most optimal terms.