Bill Audit

Bill Audit
That is a core value we provide our clients.

Solomon Energy identifies government and utility incentives and advises on project financing strategies to underwrite improvements and maximize long-term returns.rn


Government & Utility Incentives

Government and utility incentives can dramatically reduce your project costs. But understanding what incentives are available – and then getting them – is a daunting task. That is a core value we provide our clients. Our staff keeps abreast of state and utility funds available for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Most importantly, our approved contractors are licensed and insured and therefore eligible to receive the benefits you seek.

Notable programs available now include:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit (through 2016)
  • NYSERDA solar incentives
  • CT ZREC solar payments
  • CPACE Financing for CT Energy Efficiency
  • Recharge NY-NY Power Authority
  • ConEd Green Team
  • UI & CL&P Small Business Energy Advantage
  • National Grid Energy Initiative

Financing Solutions

Our objective is to lower your operating costs by making sure your energy savings are greater than the monthly financing costs you may incur.

Securing financing is one of the most critical components in executing a project. We help you by identifying private and public sources of capital and then negotiating agreements with lenders.

We will help you model the most cost-effective financing structures. We have experience with a number of different approaches including:

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Leases
  • Conventional term loans
  • FHA guaranteed financing
  • Shared savings arrangements
  • PACE finance